Shrove Tuesday: the tradition of filling up on delicious foods

Today, Tuesday 1 March 2022, we celebrate "Mardi Gras" while the following day, 2 March 2022, Lent opens with Ash Wednesday.

But what does this holiday really mean?

We are well aware that in the Christian tradition, Carnival is the period of excesses, revelry and transformations, which takes up the ancient Po Valley and Celtic traditions that are lost in the mists of time.
It contrasts with and precedes the forty days of Lent, characterized by austerity, penance and prayer, which in turn lead to the Easter of resurrection, the most important moment for the faithful.

The last part of the Carnival begins with Shrove Thursday, which opens the fat carnival, and ends precisely on what is called Shrove Tuesday: the recurring adjective refers directly to the abundance of what you can eat, because in this occasion it is tradition to "fill up" with delicious food, abundant in condiments and loaded with calories, precisely fat, which will then be set aside until Easter (due to the forty days of Lent).

The masks of the Dronerese Carnival

So let's get busy again today, before Droneresi, Cuneesi and all our delicious creations are closed to all those who decide to respect Lent to the letter, which requires abstaining from any form of delicacy.

ps We will obviously continue in our production of Droneresi (have you already tasted the new Grappa di Barolo? ), Cuneesi al rum and traditional ( find them here) and all the other specialties that are always present on our e-commerce!

See you soon!