Shipping policy

Shipping and Delivery of Products

1. All delivery costs of the Products are charged to the Customer. In the case of cash on delivery shipments by courier, the delivery of the Products is subject to the payment, by the Customer, of the relative price in cash or by bank check or bank draft. Pastry Brignone sas has the right, at its sole discretion, to deliver the ordered Products by means of a different courier or by any other means it deems appropriate. Unless otherwise indicated, all deliveries are made to the street level.
1.2 The delivery terms indicated by Pastry Brignone sas refer to the Products present in their warehouses and, despite being carefully evaluated, must be understood as non-binding for Pastry Brignone sas , which can subsequently confirm or modify them, depending on its actual availability and the conditions of the marked.
In exceptional cases we reserve the right (for example non-availability of the goods) to terminate the contract. In this case the customer will be contacted immediately also to propose possible alternatives. Any delays in deliveries of less than 30 (thirty) days do not entitle the Customer to refuse delivery of the Products, nor to claim compensation or compensation of any kind.

1.3 Pastry Brignone sas has the right to deliver the Products (even relating to the same order) in several successive deliveries without prejudice, in this case, to a single charge to the Customer by way of transport costs.
3.5 Special terms and conditions of delivery must be agreed in advance between the Customer and Pastry Brignone sas and accepted in writing by Pastry Brignone sas .

1.4 Upon delivery of the package, the Customer is required to check its integrity and immediately report to the courier any anomalies found on the package itself (open or dented package) and possibly check its contents in the presence of the shipper. The customer will also be required to notify Pastry Brignone sas .

1.5 Any courier delays due to extraordinary events (accidents, adverse weather conditions, extraordinary flow of orders for particular periods of the year) are in no way attributable to Pastry Brignone sas