"Tradition cannot be inherited"

"Tradition cannot be inherited and whoever wants it must conquer it with great effort"

We have always been inspired by this maxim by Thomas Stearns Eliot when we think about our history and what we evoke in the minds and hearts of the people who choose us.

Since the beginning of the last century, in fact, the authority of the Droneresi has been praised and appreciated, also thanks to a series of national and international awards.

This appreciation is certainly to be found in the uniqueness and goodness of our chocolate, so particular and so loved for this very reason.

As we have explained to you here , the main difference compared to all the pralines currently on the market lies in the covering of very crumbly meringue that "envelops" the chocolate heart of the Dronerese area.

Unlike the "cousins" from Cuneo (all covered in chocolate) the Droneresi maintain this characteristic of uniqueness that makes them so inimitable.

“All that glitters is not gold” however: in fact the layer of meringue also involves a series of precautions that the consumer must respect.

First of all, we have always considered Dronerese to be a "fresh" chocolate: despite the rather long shelf-life , we always recommend consuming our Dronerese as soon as possible.
By doing so, you will be able to better enjoy the organoleptic characteristics (fragrance of the meringue and flavors in primis).

The history, taste and tradition of our reality, as mentioned, over the centuries has made even famous people fall in love with gastronomy and good cooking (as well as thousands of loyal customers in Italy and abroad).

From Davide Paolini of the Gastronauta del Sole 24 Ore ( who talks about us here in one of his articles, he too bewitched by the peculiarity of our chocolate ) to Paolo Massobrio of the Golosario family, who never misses an opportunity every time he comes to the Province of Cuneo to enhance the quality of our products; passing through Vittorio Sgarbi, a great lover of the Droneresi, who were already given to his mother in Ferrara.

Vittorio Sgarbi Droneresi Dronero Valle Maira Cuneo Piedmont

In short, the years go by, but the recipes remain unchanged, as does our desire to continue to give emotions to our loyal customers, or to let those who still don't know our creations discover a gem.

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