Production: how our Droneresi are born

History, tradition and a lot of passion: the basic ingredients

The Droneresi recipe has its roots in the end of the last century. As already explained here , it was Galletti who invented this unique chocolate, of which we are the only producers left.

But how is one of our Droneresi born in concrete terms?

An excellent product, as we know, starts from excellent raw materials. We'll be able to deepen them in a dedicated article 😉
Select these, then, we move on to the actual production.

As I think you know, the Droneresi are made up of two parts. The external meringues, crumbly and delicate, and the heart of chocolate cream with rum (Droneresi Bianchi) or Gianduja (Droneresi Blu).

In the production of meringues we only use egg whites from free-range organic eggs in Dronero and granulated sugar. They are whipped together in a planetary mixer and then, thanks to the skilful use of the hand and a piping bag, the tufts are spread on buttered trays which will go into the oven.

The production of meringues for our Droneresi

Once the right temperature and consistency have been reached, these are drilled again by hand one by one, so that they can harden the concaves, and be able to "host", inside, the chocolate creams (precisely with rum or gianduja).

The creams, prepared previously, also have a production process that has been handed down for more than a century. For the white ones with Rum we start from a custard base (organic egg yolks raised on the ground in Dronero, milk from Cuneo farms , granulated sugar and a handful of rice starch as a thickener, thus avoiding the gluten of wheat flour tender).

To this base, dark chocolate is added (also organic) and, lastly, a Rum prepared with pure cane brandy and original Rum is added.

The addition of our famous rum for Droneresi Bianchi

For the Droneresi al Gianduja, on the other hand, the basis is different: in fact, we start from his majesty the Tonda Gentile della Langa .
It comes to us raw but already shelled, selected from small producers in the area (after all, we are neighbors ).
Starting from the hazelnut, we toast it and pass it through the refiner. The refiner is a machine with three rollers which, by turning, grinds the ingredient that is inserted from above.

From here, a natural hazelnut paste comes out, pure and without any preservatives, additives or added sugar. We don't need it 😉

This hazelnut paste is added to a base of whole milk and dark cane sugar, to which, lastly, our special chocolate is added.

Once we have meringues and creams at our disposal, we can manually “pair” our Droneresi one by one. This rite obviously takes place with a sac à poche, dosed by a circular movement of the wrist, as in a harmonic dance.

The last process is that of the wrapping. We have been wrapping our Droneresi with a double manual wrapping, delicately, one by one, for over a century. Through a ritual gesture that is handed down, like a precious secret, from generation to generation.

Also, and above all for this reason, history, tradition and a lot of passion are the fundamental ingredients of our business.