Grappa di Barolo - A decisive note of our territory

Grappa has an ancient history, very ancient.

Already in 1443 in our region, in Piedmont, there is mention of a customs document which attested the payment of a tax on a brandy of oenological origin.

Taxes in that period were calculated purely on an estimate of the raw material that could contain the boiler and the possible processing cycles.

Leaping forward about 600 years, we see how the world war puts soldiers from all Italian regions in contact: grappa is also known by the soldiers of the South, who at the end of the conflict bring home the distillates of their Piedmontese comrades, Lombards, Trentino.
The production of pomace brandy thus began to spread throughout the peninsula, with periods of great success.

But what is Grappa essentially?

Grappa is a distillate obtained by distillation of pomace, i.e. the residue from grape processing, made up of stalks, skins and pips.

The grape varieties that can be used have no disciplinary limitation but the only, unquestionable rule is that the grappa is obtained from grape pomace grown and vinified in Italy.

A classic glass of dark Grappa

In recent months we asked you for an opinion (through a survey ) on what could be a new reference for our products, and you won the Grappa of Barolo .

We therefore had to find a grappa producer who could live up to our high quality standards.

Without going too far, we met the Marolo family from Alba (50 km from Dronero, our native town).

Since 1977 the Marolo family has been working in the art of distillation, to create liqueurs and distillates typical of our wonderful province.

Tradition, innovation, territory and passion for work are just some of the values ​​we share with them, and it is thanks to these that the products of both companies are born. Products like their grappa and our chocolates.

Cuneesi with Grappa di Barolo Brignone Pasticceria Dronero

After several months of experimentation and testing, we have arrived at a tasty, intense but round recipe that goes perfectly with the aromatic notes of our chocolate.

Thus was born a unique Barolo grappa chocolate, a must for lovers of this kind, sweet and able to satisfy even the most refined palates. Obviously, it goes without saying that it is especially suitable for grappa lovers.

Available both as Droneresi® (with the outer meringue, our speciality) that how Cuneo (covered in dark chocolate and with double meringue).

Droneresi with Grappa di Barolo Brignone Patisserie Dronero

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Happy tasting!